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    Experience with city / community forum?

    I am looking to browse some community forums that are meant to bring together citizens of the city they live online. Do any of you participate in a local community forum, or know of any I can take a look at to get ideas and examples for one I am starting for our area.

    We are a small town of about 120,000 in southwestern louisiana that has made recent national news about a fiber to the home proposal up for a vote by the citizens in July. It has stirred quite a debate locally, and through my involvement on the issue I have come to meet various individuals in the technology sector locally who I would like to get them together online to discuss and share ideas on other technology issues that could potentially help make a name for our city other then being centered around the oil industry for so long.

    The site I am working on is:

    Acadiana is the name for the area in which we live, not a specifc city.

    If anyone can suggest anything to improve it, as well as links to other sites of a similiar nature I would be greatly appreciative.

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    Ive seen alot of sites promoting local community issues but not really any community forums, I would be curious on how it turns out. Have you done any local promotion?
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    I have a haltom city community where i've bought the .info extension of the name. If I were you i'd suggest using Simple Machine Forums. I would also be careful not to use your real name and use a private whois. In the past I recieved harassing letters to my home address from someone who I believe to be an disgruntled ex city council member. the best way to advertise it is by finding similar communities online and by mentioning it to the council and passing out flyers.
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