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    Is it right for them!!!


    I have a problem please help me

    My server has been unplugged by the company and I have clients' websites in it. I ask to the company Why they unplug my server? They say that there is a website in my server who do advertise spam they include the IP for the spam. After research for this IP I see that it does not belong to my server or to my client on my server.

    I contact the company for this IP that does not belong to us, they say they know but because the spam contains the website name on my server, you most stop this spam.

    What can I do what is the solution for this problem?? The spam isn't from my server and I have no hand on this spam.

    Maybe this spam is from mailing group like yahoo or other servers specialize for sending spam for money or maybe someone sending this spam from his PC. What is my relation to this spam?

    So what is the solution for this problem or the right thing to do? Is it right for them to unplug my server and losing my customers?

    Please help me!!

    This company that unplug my server is a user in this forum


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    Contact your provider and tell them about the situation.

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    I think it is because the spamertized website is one of your client's. But unplugging the server due to that without substantial research or warnings is a bit unfair for the client.
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    Suspend spammer

    Do you have daily backups? If you do, ask your datacenter to remove the "spammers" account and to put your box back online.

    Contact that client and give him an explanation to what's happening. Ask the datacenter if they can provide you with a copy of the spam mail. Investigate.

    All those clients that have no relation with this spam incident should be back online as soon as possible. And this is the only way you're going to achieve that objective. Then investigate if your client is a spammer. And decide according to your TOS.

    You'll have a backup of his account.
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