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    Get your profit without paying any expenses for it for 1 whole year!


    If you have no time to run your hosting company, being forced to pay too much for support, servers and spending too much time solving server problems, billing issues..we have the perfect solution for you: has been in business Since May 2001 and we'd like to offer you 75% of your monthly sales up to one year after which we'll take over your company..

    We will pay you 75% of the monthly revenue from customer payments for one full year. You will not have to deal with customer support, collecting payments, server payments, server problems or any other tiring tasks for a hosting company.

    All you do is collect a monthly income for a whole year!, this will also include any annual accounts, new signups and any other product you sell. You no longer will have to pay hosting or server fees, no longer provide technical support and no longer worry about server outages.

    We will take care of your clients and make the transition as easy and possible for everyone, our experience in the hosting industry enables us to ensure you that we'll do our very best to make everyone's needs fulfilled.

    If you're interested please contact us at [email protected] so we can work out a deal
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    Possibilities are endless.... One could Develop more then one company under a different name and go at it from there.. I dont see exactly how you would be making the money the first year, but if the business is growing then after the first year you would be making all the money... Most experiences i have had was that the first year of business you dont make much money (you make enough to stay in the green but your not a millionaire) If yuo see what im saying..

    Your offer is pretty good i would say...
    Good Luck with it.

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    Hello Robert,

    Thank you for your comments
    Indeed, our plans for this project doesn't focus on immediate profit, but on profit on the long run.
    The companies we aquire will be financed mainly from our main business profits and companies we aquired before.
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    I'm sure they looked quite attractive in 2001. It's been 4 years since then
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    4 years since what? I lost you there
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