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    Free Computer Support and Resources

    *i will update this opening thread when information changes, usually within 24 hours*

    Link -

    Computer Tips In The Index (See English Resource Board) - 26

    Languages - 3 - English, Spanish, German

    Staff - Max (Company President), Matej (Support Team), Monty (Support Team), Sebastian (Support Team)

    "Contributing Users" - 1 - random guy

    "Charter Members" - 0

    Description - Free computer support and resources in a friendly forum atmosphere, new content being constantly added

    Current Offers - Advertisements (see the thread on the announcements board for your preffered language), We are looking for A staff member willing to write some kind of tutorials in the area of either graphics design, linux, HTML and Javascript, or Hardware Reviews...preferably Hardware reviews. You will not be paid now, but there is a high possibility of this turning into a full time job somewhere down the line. We are a new business, starting with very little funding, but we are offering a great service and this could potentially turn into a high paying job within the next few years. If interested send me an email: [email protected]
    Comments, suggestions, critique, etc. all welcome. Please refer to your friends or join yourself if you are in need of computer support. Thank you

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    The forum itself (topics, info, etc.) is all fine. You need to add a logo and one that will blend in with your design. Aside from that, looks fine.

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    Ok, i will work on a logo. Thanks for the comments, i will reply again when i get the banner up

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    Logo added, what do you think JSpired?

    Also, any other comments, and is anyone interested in either of those two offers? Just send me an email.

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    good turn over, why not use vbulletin or other board software

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    Originally posted by MaxD
    Logo added, what do you think JSpired?

    Much improved with the addition of a logo!

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    Jaduhost - Because I like the SMF software a lot more than vBulletin

    JSpired - thanks

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    any other comments?

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    English Resources
    You can add new discussions to this area.

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    What do you mean by new discussions? It is a very formal board, not really for chat or discussing. There is one comments thread on the announcements board for idle chat if there is any and there are ways for users to talk to the staff also on the announcements board.

    [[Sorry about the lack of updates in the actual first post here, but post editing is apparently disabled after the first 15 minutes...]]

    up to 33 tips, 1 article on picking a web browser

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    You may want to change the template of the board to give it a more professional look. The grey logo colors and the rest of the site don't go well together IMHO.

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