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    Post [4 Sale] UNIQUE HOSTING WEB SITE (w/design) 4 sale by TOP COMPANY

    **If interested please contact via email only: [email protected] or PM (preferred method:: via email)

    *Up for sale is one of a kind site which was made for my company 9 months ago (consists of 35 pages). However it was sold my hosting company to someone else before the site design was completed. I paid $1,500 and had it made exclusively for me. I own all the exlusive rights and if you want proof you can see it here (scroll down and again you'll see my contact on the designers site -- Made by WebProSys: (logo has been changed for this site..but if you look at the flash presentation, you'll see a logo in the very beginning and that's the original one ). The site consists of about 35 pages and is fully coded.

    We are selling few more copies to get this over with one last time..We've already sold about 5 copies just for your information.
    Price has been dropped to $100 rather then $189 that it used to be. We did have few buyers recently, but they never contacted us back and as a result we only plan to sell few more.

    Please have a look here for html preview:

    If the ownership is changed, minor changes or any type of changes actually can be implemented by a freelancer (we will recommend you to a place if you want). I will not act as the middle man in this case and the designer will not help either, but you will get all the files so this should be fairly easy.

    Sale will include ALL PSD files, and everything else with it. This link is to give you almost entire layout of the site so please let me know if you have any quesitons or comments about purchase. Thanks

    I'm selling it as I'm not into hosting anymore and need to recover the cost that I paid for this Website. Have a good day and thank you for looking!

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    Man, That is a really nice layout, I wish i had the money right now.
    But anyways good luck with the sale.


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