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    how do I setup my own free webhosting service ?

    does anyone know how to setup my own free webhosting service ? like tripod and .
    I have windows 2003 server (and I could use apache) , I want users to be able to select certain hosting packages and create their own account.
    do I need a control panal and if so which one (prefereably free) ?
    I am intending to buy a dell server
    { Processor Up to two 64-bit Intel® XeonTM processors at up to 3.60GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB.
    Up to 12GB 400 MHz ECC( but I will buy 2GB)
    ( here )
    the 2nd one from the left .
    do those specifications ensure a quick and reliable service (server) ? I will probably use this server for providing free .swf and video tutorials

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    If you want a free script for free web hosting


    I got this from and did a search. Join that forum, targetted towards free hosting.

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