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    Hi guys,
    Just wondering does Fasthosts have a bandwith limitation???
    Cheers, Megahurtz!

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    Why don't you ask them?

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    They don't make it very clear at all. It's meant to be unmetered. But most people seem to claim it is around the 5GB per month level, or more if your site is not too resource intensive.

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    They do not have one but abuse it and expect to lose your service.

    Unlimited use policy

    High bandwidth usage: Fasthosts offers an unlimited use policy by maintaining very large ratios of bandwidth per customer. In rare cases, Fasthosts may find a customer to be using server resources to such an extent that he or she may jeopardize server performance and resources for other customers. In such instances, Fasthosts reserves the right to impose the High Resource User Policy for the consideration of all customers.
    High resource use policy

    Resources are defined as bandwidth, processor utilization or disk space.

    Fasthosts may implement the following policy to its sole discretion:

    When a website is found to be monopolising the resources available Fasthosts reserves the right to suspend that site immediately. This policy is only implemented in extreme circumstances and is intended to prevent the misuse of our servers. Customers may be offered an option whereby Fasthosts continues hosting the website for an additional fee.
    They really do like to hide the facts to make their offers look better.
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    Ok, thanks alot!

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    fasthosts is known by its reseller program which have some tricks, to set a cpanel access to a user, you need to pay around $8/year or so, FrontPage ext cost $20/year ..

    they will allow high bandwidth usage if your account pay well for addons or they will suspend your resold accounts make such high usage.

    overall .. they are solid company

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    I'm with Fasthosts and I do admit there are obscure sides: we can't upload a zip file, we can't upload a movie, Windows servers have no GD Library despite the many complaints. Bandwith seems a part of this obscurity, but I wonder what it takes for a website to monopolise a server! One more thing I still dislike is the fact everything is a paid add-on.

    A friend's site used to generate 6GB a day with FH and it worked quite well. FH could be better fo sure, but they have improved also thanks to our insisting requests.
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    You can ask them over and over again and they will never tell you what's the limit. But read the abuse clause. Only they know the limit. Are you willing to gamble?
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    I have started my 3 month trial with fasthosts and if I like there service I will probably stay with them, as a software developer I often host files in EXE, MSI format do you think they will except this? I do not class MSI or EXE as arcive files do you?

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    Fasthosts accepts only files that load in a browser window, so-called active webcontent.
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    Well I have an account with fileburst they have several gigabit connections hosted in there telehouse. Infact google host there servers in the same place where I host my download server :-)

    It cost $5.00 per month + $1 per GB transfered. Does anybody know any cheaper download servers?

    Kind Regards,
    Robert A Heeley

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    Yup - I've just discovered this 'active web content' rule. I was hosting some files that I wanted to share with friends and fasthosts have ruled that these are file shares and are not allowed. So, they suspend my domain and don't explain to me for a week. Then they re-enable it and I delete the files. I don't mind them suspending my web-site but do they really have to suspend my mail as well?

    Anyway - as of today, I'm cancelling with fasthosts and shifting to another provider, possibly 1and1.

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