This week I start working at the data center that is taking over our hosting company. I'm going to have so many responsibilities, that I dont think I'm going to have time for the site in my sig, and I am trying to decide what to do with it. It's really nothing more than a personal project.

Should I sell it? Get a partner/s to run it for me? Close it down? I can continue to support it financially (Google advertising (currently inactive), hosting, etc, etc), I just cant be there for it.

It has a brand new owned VB license, paid template designs, Adsense Revenue Sharing for Members, Sherona - My A.I. Bot, tons of video games in it's arcades, among several other things.

I really dont want to sell it, but then, can I trust a partner to run it properly? It's a targeted site for a specific purpose, to bring school related issues together everywhere.

So I am really at a loss as to what to do with it. What would you do in my shoes? Tomorrow (monday after mother's day) I start this new job, and it's a high paying job, so has my attention over this site...