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    [WANTED] Designer - Large Job - Short Term

    We are in need of a designer to undertake a multi-part project for internal use with our company.

    This work is to be completed ASAP, and as such the position is only a short term one. Payment however will refelct your standards as a designer, quality of work and due delivery.

    The following needs to be carried out:

    1) Flash design for IT services website consisting of into, loop animation and navigation menu.

    2) Web banner design both static and animated. Flash and animated (optomised) web gif. We need a total of 12 designs of varying standard sizes. The banners will be for two seperate businesses (6 for each one).

    3) Re-design and optomisation of exisitng web banner based on current designs. Total of around 8 Banners of varying sizes, all GIF.

    4) Re-Design of exisitng stationary for two businesses. The designs should follow existing styles and include changes elements we have made to our brand. Each business needs 1x Letterhead, 1x Compliments Slips, 2x Business Cards. For a total of 8 stationary desings/re-designs.

    You will need to intergrate exising styles and include new changes we have made to our image so the overall comletion is updated. You will need to work with exisitng files (or you may start from scratch if need be). You will need to include such items as our business logo's and the type fonts we use.

    Your skills:

    We would prefer you have 4 years or more industry experience and have a portfolio available for view. This must be a FULL portfolio with completed pieces.

    Flash MX
    Gif applications

    You need to be available via MSN or email so we can discuss the project once you are accepted for the position. We will require reviews until satisfied with the final submissions.

    Payment will be in FULL upon COMPLETION of the project. We are an Australian registered and government endorsed so you need have no worries about dealing with us. Payment can be negotiated based on your portfolio and time frame of project. We would estimate this job to be work $xxx.xx not $xx.xx or $xxxx.xx.

    Please PM us here and we will try to respond to every application. We will contact those who may be right for the position for more details.

    NO "Off Shore" companies please.


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    Is flash a must?
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    Ackoo can help you with this project if you like.
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    my name is cedric, i'm 23 i live in belgium [Map]

    i'm alreay working as freelance for micro14 Microb14 , where i made :

    Marianne communication

    Pilawski translation

    Shake [advertising agency]

    cantina la vite

    just another banner

    Header for a 360 service [here]

    i'm also working for another web agency where i made :

    ethias banner 01

    ethias banner 02

    ethias banner 03

    ethias banner 04

    ethias banner 05

    ethias banner 06

    my old personal portfolio (8 months ago):


    there are a lot of interesting works on it.

    let me know

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    Position filled. Thanks for all the applications. Some made me laugh others made me cry and some where just damn fine.


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