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    [For hire] - French translator

    Although I haven't graduated with any sort of diploma stating that I can translate from English to French, I have grown in a French environment and attended a French school where I learned English for more than 10 years. I easily get 85% in French, and 95% in English (Gotta admit that French is hard, eh?), and the whole translating thing is something I do well.

    As for experience, the only thing I could show you is the transcript of the TV show Smallville for the episode 4.01 for Devoted To Smallville (which, by the way, they never posted, but I still have the file on my computer). As for whether I'm going to do a good job for you, I guess it's all about you trusting me with what I can do.


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    You set your price, and if I think it's fair, I take on the job. I'm not someone who's looking for money, but more like experience, so you'll never see me ask for $50 or more. However if you offer more than that, hey, that's you
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