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    Seeking ad-space on large gaming websites.

    Hi, currently seeking banner or text linkes on LARGE gaming sites. This will be used to promote my online game.

    You must be recieving at least 1,000 uniques/day (and provide proof). I am more interested in web arcades, but other gaming sites will do.

    Please pm me with:

    - URL
    - Banner location
    - Stats
    - Price

    DO NOT pm me asking for my budget. You offer me your rates, and if I am interested I will get back to you.

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    your pm mailbox is full, mate

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    sorry about that. PM box has been cleaned.

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    I wonder if my website fits that description, have a look here and let me know:

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    we do about 1000 a day unique at

    Let me know if this would meet your criteria.

    Thanks -

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