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    How do you cancel an order (as vendor) using 2co?

    I am sure this is a silly question - seems like one to me but I cannot find anywhere where I can cancel an order in the 2co (v2) admin area.

    The help guides appear to be useless, stating: "You can easily issue refunds or cancel orders through the admin interface." without actually explaining how or where.

    This is an order that is under fraud review. It is not yet "pending", the order was made not long ago and I wish to cancel the order before any charge is made to the card, regardless of what 2co establishes WRT fraud.

    Where exactly do I cancel an order? All I see are not-yet-active links to cancel recurring charges and issue refunds.

    BTW, is it the case that no fees are charged by 2co if the order is cancelled within 48 hours?


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    I guess this is either a very easy question or very hard one. Not many views for this post - nobody has ever cancelled a 2co order before?

    In case anybody wonders why I ask 2co this question, I would prefer an answer before next weekend. Last time I raised a ticket it took about a week to get a reply, which is pretty useless for this kind of inquiry.

    Thanks to anybody who can help.

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    Just click on that inactive "issue a refund" link, and you'll get a new, pop-up window/form.

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    Thanks for the reply. I tried that, but the popup refers to making a refund (perhaps unsurprisingly). This is about cancelling an order before any payment is taken. If that's really how to do it then 2co need to change it, because it's utterly stupid and confusing, since there's nothing to "refund". Yet.

    A link or option to cancel should be present somewhere if it's possible to cancel an order (that has just been made and not been charged yet), and I can't find one anywhere.

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    I'm affraid that's only way to cancel an order by clicking on "Refund this invoice" and/or "Refund this sale" links. Then you must enter additional note about reason for cancelling that order.
    As about 2CO, unfortunatelly that's not the only one silly thing in their new system. Welcome to the club.

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    Yes the layout of the admin interface could be much much better and more helpful, IMHO. The FAQ is absolutely hopeless, frankly, and doesn't answer many questions in a useful way, and the time I have had to wait for a reply to a ticket -- up to a week -- is ridiculous.

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