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Thread: Advertising.

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    If anyone has forums, that are fairly active and have advertising space, please show me the site, and give me price quote monthly.

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    I have a site where you can advertise on almost 1,000 forums.

    Its my FREE forum hosting website..

    This is a SITE wide text or banner ad.. You ad will be on almost 1000 forums and all its pages..

    Please let me know if you are still interested.

    Banner Ad Header - $30.00 a month
    Text Ad Header - $30.00 a month

    Banner Ad Footer - $20.00 a month
    Text Ad Footer - $20.00

    If you want more than one spot, I can offer you a discount..

    Please let me know Hosting & Web Design

    Advertise your hosting company here!!

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    Re: Advertising.

    Originally posted by WHTer
    If anyone has forums, that are fairly active and have advertising space, please show me the site, and give me price quote monthly.

    $25/month - text link
    $40/month - static banner[top]


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    Text links: under Partner links for $3 per month
    Top banner: 468*60 for $8 per month on all forum pages, no rotation.
    Affiliate banner: 120*60 for $4 per month.

    forum stats:
    1884 unique visitors last month
    911 registered user with 12090 post

    Payment by PayPal.


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    Hey there,

    1500 uniques daily, 1109 members, over 800 active, 30 members or so online at peak times, around 10 at anyone time.

    We have one header position available, $50/month, you will recieve around 45,000 impressions during the campaign. We also have static 120x60 banners and a 125x125 sponser ad.

    Full details and ordering information here


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    What is the genre of the site you are advertising?

    Depending on what you want, I have a forum with 7400 Active members, 300K+ posts

    We do not allow any more than 1 type of advertiser at any time- hence my question.

    PR6 site, PR5 forum Forum wide text links from $20/mth, banner Non-rotated from $30/mth.

    500+ posts/day, 60+ topics/day - PHPBB stats, site is 19mths old.

    25K uniques so far this month, 95,190 Uniques last month.

    If interested PM me for details
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    116 PR5 PR3

    120x60 pixel sitewide + no rotation! Stats are visible on the sites (right panel)!

    Price: $30 USD / month via PayPal only!
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