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    Datapacket is playing a dirty game with everybody. They would change the plans and make it much more attractive to get more people then when you ask they will say Oh this will not affect the old folks. Then all of a sudden they will shotdown your account if you exceed 3G of traffic even if you bought from them 6G disk and 110G of traffic. It happend with me and it happend to many people I have unfortunately brought them.

    Their attitude is real bad and will be so nice until you pay then will NEVER respond to support or ticket. The only way to catch them was through their chat (hardly online) and they have removed that recently. It is hurrable to cancel someone account specially if its a reseller with many people and yet worst if they do not allow you to download your contents and take your business somewhere else.

    I saw their site down today and I hope that they are out of business but I was told that they run in trouble and come back once in a watch out.

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    sorry that you had such a rough experience ...

    maybe you learned a lesson?


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    Haha yeah, you kinda get what you pay for man... Also, a lot of hosts out there are like this... They just get the money and run, so you have to be really becareful and look around and think of the prices before you buy from them. Well, I hope you find a better host soon...

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