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    7 money making websites for sale


    I own 7 adult websites. They make a profit.

    I am lazy and don't work too hard on them, but they make about $250 recurring a month. With a little bit of effort they could make a lot more than this.

    The websites are self sustaining (minimal amount of effort required by you.)

    The website are established (about 5 years old) with about 500,000 uniques visiting them a month. Total visitors per month is a few million.

    My visitors are loyal and this is -

    1. A money making opportunity for you.
    2. An excellent way to market your products to a large audience.

    Price is $5000. This is just two years lazy advertising revenue. You could easily make this back in a few months if motivated.

    PM me for the URLs.


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    Edit: Slight error with my stats. It's 500,000 visitors, not uniques, a month.

    So a CPM rate of $0.001 (one 10th of a cent) works out at $500 per month.

    Traffic is always growing. Got a recent mention on Fleshbot.

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    PM URLS please.

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    Sites are no longer for sale. Thank you.

    Homeblock: I really like your site. Is it a custom script?

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