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    Looking for web addict for monitoring

    Most of my partners will be on hollidays on May, June and part of this Summer.

    We are looking for some people to help us to monitor our servers when no staff member will on line. This will happen once (a day) a week or even less. Our machines are all trouble free and monitored by a third party company. However, we need more security and for this reason we are expecting you.

    You need to have some basic skills as restarting a service if it's crashed.

    We are not looking for a person who stay behind the monitor waiting for our servers to crash. But if you spend most of your life on the internet anyway (managing your hosting company for example) that could be great.

    We need reasons to trust you enough to give you some sensitive information. Please PM with your price and experience.
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    If you're still looking for help in this matter, please, feel free to contact me through any of the methods in my signature. I do provide monitoring services for customers on a per server basis and would love to help you out if you're still looking for help with this
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    We can do this as well. We've actually been contracted to perform such services in the past. The price would be based on whether you want us to monitor you rhelpdesk as well.

    If not we can add you to our server sitter monitoring for $20/month, or $5/day. It's proactive monitoring, we are called within 10 minutes of your server being down.
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    How many servers do you have?

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