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    Rollover Image Maps

    How do you make an image map with roll over images?

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    Sorry, I don't understand your question. A rollover effect replaces one entire image with another. In the case of an image map, the entire image would need to be replaced on hover. You could have a different entire image which is swapped out for each active area in the image map, I suppose.
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    There are a few ways you could accomplish this, but they would be tricky and awkward. You could set rollover images into the design, use z-index and CSS positioning to place them in the right spots on the image map, then use a simple DOM script to pop their visibility on and off. If the explanation sounds too complicated, I'm not sure of a program that can achieve this effect for you, so you might need to use a slicing technique to achieve your effect.

    Oh wait, you could also use the image as a background and only pop it in on the :hover state. That means the image map would essentially need to be an image as a background with transparent .gifs as hotspots on it. That's a much more plausible scenario than the one I posted above. It might even be that you can apply the background image to the link within the map itself, so logically this shouldn't work. But I suppose it doesn't hurt to try, as this would only require a simple :hover rule in your style sheet - about 10 seconds of work in all.
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