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    I've been lurking for a while looking for cheap hosting sites for some personal sites of mine and thought I should report my excellent experience with Intermedia for over 3 years hosting 2 different web sites that I manage for others.

    I developed a Windows .asp site for my old fraternity and hosted it at just over 3 years ago. The site is database driven using Access files and gets around a hundred hits each day.

    The server has been perfect the whole time. I'm sure something probably has gone wrong at some point, but no down time has ever been reported by any of my users. The site is fast and stable.

    I develop web apps at work, but this was my first experience dealing with a hosting company. I had a lot of questions in the beginning and the support staff was always pleasant and helpful. I was very impressed with their knowledge dealing with their servers and various .asp issues that were related to my learning curve.

    I was just reading the thread on WHT about not developing code using live shared servers. Can't believe I never thought about that before... One of the coolest things I have seen with their control panel is the ability to start/stop/restart the web server. This comes in very handy when messing with global.asa or just messing up in general.

    I coded another small web order processing system for a friend's family business about 2.5 years ago. I had them setup their account on Intermedia and we have had the exact same experience with this web site and it's still going strong as well.

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    Thanks for the great review.
    By looking at their site, I like their packages, the knowledge base, Visual Studio .NET support, etc.
    I wish they would have a forum ..
    Their Standard Win2003 Promo Plan looks pretty good, even if it's a little pricy at 43 dollars paid monthly.


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