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    cPanel server with i915P Chipset server


    I know someone has mention this before but wish to know you know cPanel do not support Fedora Core 3 and some people made it working without tried to disable SELinux but it still run back permissive mode during boot up!

    Which Operating System should I use for cPanel server that has i915P chipset? As you know Fedora Core 2 do not support it, Fedora 3 support it but has issue with cPanel...okay turn to another OS...

    CentOS 3.4, some said it does not support i915P, so we go t CenOS 4.0, it does not support by cPanel.

    So anyone have any tips for me please?

    Only CentOS or Fedora for us.

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    Fedora Core 3 is not supported by WHM, even though you disabled SELinux it's not okay,

    As for CentOS 3.4, I think it's kind of new release and should support WHM,

    As a final resort, I recommend you to try FreeBSD, which is a solid-OS which many new hardware support. Maybe you can try it out.

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    Fedora Core 3 is not supported by WHM, even though you disabled SELinux it's not okay,
    It works fine after the initial setup.
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    CentOS 4 works absolutely fine with cPanel, its just not publicly supported as yet. We have it working perfectly ( with selinux disabled ) on many machines.

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    I run Centos 3.4 and Red Hat Enterprise 3 at work with the i915 chipset without a problem. 3.4 runs fine with control panels like cpanel, I would look the hardware compatibility of Red Hat Enterprise, the only problem I had on one unit was the right video driver, but I just pulled the driver off of Intel. The only problems I have with the i915 is with RH9 I use on test boxes, I just had to upgrade to a newer vanilla kernel and then it worked fine.

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    Of course you could always compile a custom kernel and enable support for the chipset

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