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  1. #1 someone please un-confuse me.

    Hi, I need a little clarification when it comes to This is what I have:

    1. Website hosted with osCommerce
    2. Business checking account with Bank of America

    Now, whith paypal, it seems to be real easy to add as a merchant account. What exactly is needed when it comes to I know it is a gateway but will I need a mercant account or does it work just like Paypal? I would be happy with paypal, but I got burned by to many chargebacks in my last business so I am looking for something else.

    I have tried to use the search in this forum but it came up with 300 different answers. I need in basic terms exactly what I need to use Any suggestions on resellers would be great too.

    Thank you in advance.

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    In short, you need your own merchant account with a checking account to use the terminal. If you were getting burned by chargebacks with Paypal, I don't think it will change if you get your own merchant account.

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    7,189 is only an electronic payment gateway - like LinkPoint and Verisign's Payflow. You need a merchant account as well to accept credit cards.

    Check with Bank of America and see what they can actually work out with you since you have an account there

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    Thank you for the answers. My last business was a game server company. High risk. This new business is for my girlfriend, she is selling bracelets. Hopefully that will be low risk. I think 2CO might be the way to go on this. Her volume is going to be low, around $50 a month to start. Hopefully once she gets going it will be more

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    Definitely consider 2CO or Paypal for that type of volume. Just go thru both site's AUPs to make sure jewelry is an acceptable product

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    BofA now uses CyberSource's payment gateway (they abandoned their own and migrated their old customers over to CyberSource), and I'd recommend that over Authorize.Net as a payment gateway.

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    One thing to consider when getting a merchant account is the hidden add-on fees for various things like foreign cards, etc. By the time all is said and done a 2.39% rate ends up being around 4-5%. Even higher if you have chargebacks.


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    Tom makes some good points.

    When selecting a merchant account provider, it is important to understand all possible rates & fees and what rates apply to what kinds of transactions.

    For instance, there are some well known processors who will "downgrade" a transaction if there is not a FULL AVS match and charge a non-qualified % rate on it... even though the processor does not incur any tangible increase in cost on such a transaction on the Interchange level.

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