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    Need to get my head straight


    I would love to start a reseller account, but there are some points that
    I am not clear about:

    1.Do I get some webspace to set up a website that sells hosting and then i just need to get my own domain name?

    2.How do people actually buy the hosting, such as do i have to make a form to be saved in a database and then add them manual, but then how will they pay?

    3.Which are the best reseller accounts are there that i could get started with and average prices? I have looked at some but they probly out of what you people think, i'm not sure.

    Thanks in advance


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    1. You would get setup with a "master domain" which would most likely be your site that you would use to sell hosting to others.

    2. There are a variety of ways to pay. You'd either need a merchant account or to register with or a similar third party processor. is one of the less expensive alternatives to start.

    3. I can't make a suggestion here. What type of account are you looking for? Windows/Linux? What type of control panel are you looking for? There are many many choices out there
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    For number 3 what are the most common ones that people use.

    Oh and thanks a lot for the other info

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    The most common would be a Linux OS and cPanel, however it just depends on your target markets as to what would be best for YOU.
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    Also worth mentioning: If you dont want to pay the setup fee for a 2Checkout account you could always sign up for a PayPal Business Account which attracts no setup fees. Bear in mind however that persons from certain countries may be unable to use PayPal.
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    Yeah but Paypal I would think is the best way of starting up, then when I got a bit more money I could buy something a bit more complex.
    Im not sure but would a paypal business account just get all the details that the customer fills in and sends me the money to my paypal account and then I could just add the hosting account he wanted manually?

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