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    Directadmin Recovery

    Cant get a really good answer from their support. Basically a client of mine DA server crashed. He is trying to recover from his DA backup, but it seems for DA you need to restore user by user, there isn't an admin module to restore all at once.

    Anyone had a crash before and know how to recover all at a time rather than domain via domain?

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    use restore option in reseller section.
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    It is easier to do using backend scripts..The location is /usr/local/directadmin/scripts. I hope that will be helpful.

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    I recently did a backup and restore of DA from one server to another. All I did was use the backup I made on Admin and the backup for Resellers. Then, on the new server, I used th "restore" option on DA. Everything was exactly the same as the old server. It only took a few minutes.

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    Where was "restore" under Admin? There is none as far as I know.

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    There is no direct "restore" option for the administrative backup because of what you can backup with it. If you backup the entire server it wouldn't really be possible to do a restore from within a program as you would overwrite your session. I guess they could have programmed it to do so but it's as simple as just unpacking the files and moving them to the proper location.

    The reseller backup/restore utility is a good way to backup all your USER files and settings, but not the entire system. So this is much easier for DA to control as far as a restore option is concerned.
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