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    Help Please

    Hello there everyone.

    I am aware that you are not to post requesting a host but I've seen a few others doing so as they have specific questions so I've came to the conclusion that it is okay to do so.

    I am looking for a reseller program which will offer me value for money (I am prepared to pay a bit extra for better quality).

    I require a host that will be flexible in future when I switch to my own servers - this is just a quick fix

    I also require a very good uptime record

    A very fast response time to tickets/chat etc is a must.

    UK based servers would be preffered but not essential.

    I would only be looking to host about 10 websites 15 max.

    Storage will not be too much of a problem 1gb will be plenty. Although an option to upgrade in future is also important.

    As for bandwidth I'd be looking at about 8-10Gb... More would be preffered.

    I would also require the following features made available to my clients as they are currently being offered at present.

    Linux - RedHat or Fedora but open to others
    cPanel (I require WHM)
    Urchin (not necessary but would be nice)

    Sorry to be fussy but my clients are very demanding and so am I.

    Thank you for your time and have a great day.

    I await any response.


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    I'd look into something like this then:

    Great server, plenty of power and features to meet your needs, and you'll not find many complaints about LiquidWeb's network or support around here, as they're supposedly pretty awesome. I just signed up with a server and have so far been very impressed.

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    Thank you for the link.

    Much appreciated.


    Nice but as im only hosting a few sites I think its overkill. Reason being is the website that uses the most resources is my website so if i use too much I dont really mind its not like its a business site. The otheres are really small websites with very little traffic.

    Have a great day.

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    OK... Well then take a look at Interserver plans:

    These are reseller plans, and Interserver is pretty reputable. They are located in NJ and their prices look pretty reasonable. Always be sure to do a WHT search though to verify companies track record with people in the board. People's history with these companies here can be pretty helpful sometimes.

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    Thanks again for your help.

    Its much appreciated.

    Good advice to do a search on a forum like wht.


    That's a brilliant deal. I'll do my own research but I'm still looking from input about other companies too.


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