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    need good monitoring software


    I need a good monitoring software, it must monitoing services and send me a mail it one or more fails.

    My current sw send my to much wrong alerts (it say apache failed but apache still runs and was never down etc etc) so I have disabled it and now, one day later, my main host crashed and I noticed it 4 hours later...murphys law

    I lost some clients and now I realy need a better monitoring sw, I wrote a little shell script which make a dubble-check (if one service fails, it check it again and if it fails again it send me a mail) before it send me an mail but my script is to basic.

    Do you have any recommendations?


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    Nagios is excellent. Not intuitive to set up, but darn near infinitely configurable.

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    Yep! i should agree with 'dzeanah' comments. Nagios is an excellent tools with lot of features with SMS alert systems. And it's free too..
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    I would highly recommend nagios for this use. I have been installing and using this softwares for monitoring more than 200 servers for various clients for the last two years. This is the most powerful monitoring software. The main and important plus point is that it wont increase the server load. Nagios can be used to check your cpu load, check all the services httpd,mysql,named everything. Also it can be used to check your swap usage disk usage no of processes in the server, who all are logged in. Ahh lot of things are there. One more thing its is very simple to manage once it is installed.

    Also while installing make the nagios history working properly. Its been a great help for me to find the reasons for server down.

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    I want just let u know that I'm running now nagios, its great!

    Thanks for your tips

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    Nagios is the best choice.....

    You might be getting wrong alerts mainly due to some network issues between your Nagios server and other servers which are being monitored . ...its quite natural to get wrong alerts ...

    Actually a properly configured Nagios can REDUCE False alerts but cannot make it ZERO.

    check this link
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