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    Game servers MMORPG advertising


    Im looking for someone to promote and get me some traffic for a game site. The game is Called the 4th coming and its a MMORPG.

    You can see the game ad at

    Im looking to purchase advertising as a test run to see what it can do.


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    You could try a month at

    $20 per banner spot, 6 banners rotating, you could buy 3 spots and have half the impressions go to just your banners!

    Stats at:

    10000 - 12000 page views a day, so if you buy half the spots your banner will be showin in 6000 page views a day. Very good deal!

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    Banner ad at
    $20 per month

    Site wide Link ad at
    $10 per month

    Site wide link ad at
    $10 per month

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    We are also working on a game (BioGame Project) so I guess this is a good place to advertise your site/game.

    Price: $20 / month via paypal 120x60 banner can be made for you free. Site wide + no rotation!

    PM me to establish your campaign...
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