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Thread: What is vsp?

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    What is vsp?

    What is vsp and do I need to knopw about it?

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    It's basically shared hosting. - Cheap cPanel Virtual Hosting: Fantastico and more. LIVE HELP!
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    VPS is Virtual Private Server. It is where you are on a shared server but without all the other people there, sort of like an intimate dinner party for just 10 people. You get SSh access and it feels like a dedicated server for the most part but you do still share the box with a few others.

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    Also known as Virtual Dedicated Server(VDS)... It's the missing link between a shared server and a full dedicated server. It is just a server whereby you get a portion of the RAM, HD and Bandwidth etc, without interferring others on that same server. As it involves partitioning, you'll feel feels it's like a "mini" dedicated server with root access to it.

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