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    Question Any Free Auto Account Creators for cPanel?

    I asked my host this question and they refered me to phpCoin but thats not I was looking for, any out there that doesn't cost money? - Cheap cPanel Virtual Hosting: Fantastico and more. LIVE HELP!
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    Try looking into, Under Web Hosting. I am aware there are several of these scripts there.

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    I'm curious what it is about phpCoin that was not what your looking for. The program has a plug-in that can automatically create accounts using Cpanel/WHM?

    We use phpCoin on our <<< domain >>>. The reason we do is because the forums are absolutely stupendous. The developers are very open and very specific when answering problems.
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    you can use cpanel with this script without giving them cpanel access it creates a ftp account,email and a db or varibles of, can also install a forum in users accounts. a very good free script
    and this script my pre-signup will keep alot of the free email users out,thus most of the abuse i found out, has flood control ,ip ban,host ban, email bans.
    and use this script as your file manager ,load it to your own server

    or using whm/cpanel i say use autohost2, works pretty much outa the box and easy setup. around 25.00 bucks i think. i just checked their site it on sale for 12.49
    Cost reduced, 50% off regular 24.95
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    TopNotch do you recommend phpcoin? Is there any security risk or something I should know about it before I get it?

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    If all you need is an auto account creator then you could write one yourself

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    Phpcoin is great for free software. What made you think it was not free just download the whm addon and they have an ipn addon as well.

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