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    Do all of you run a hosting business?

    See a lot of threds related to this, do any of you guys use dedicated servers for anything else, what kind of business do you run?

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    We use for web/data hosting business.
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    The majority of people here have hosting businesses. This is webhostingtalk

    You'll find some that run backup services (ftp, rsync, other) and some gameserver people as well. By in large, the majority will be webhosts.
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    Two divisions, free and another paid one.

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    We originally had a dedicated server for the purpose of running 2 websites - One was a popular site (35,000 visitors per day, and a member database/mailing list of 300,000+ at the time), and another was a new site that was going to have a good amount of MySQL usage. After a few months, we started to sell some space on our server to small clients of ours, and then got into reselling dedicated servers. We previously ran a free hosting venture, but that was actually hosted by another company.

    We have dedicated server clients who use their servers to stream internet radio, run gameservers, run high-volume websites, and of course some to sell hosting from .

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    I used to run a small webhost, but I retired from the industry due to the high competition and high overselling by fly-by-nights. Fly-by-night operations have pushed most potentially successful webhosts out of the market by promising the world and delivering a small island. Now I'm perfectly content with my current job (although I do have a dedicated server on which I run a small site and a few gameservers). It's not internet-related, but it's much more engaging and has much higher job security than the webhosting field.

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    I do programming and sysadm work for a firm which primary business is online, therefore we have a few dedicated to run the stuff on. Both for security and because its rather heavy DB usage.

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    i lub hosting.... awwww, look, its HOSTING!!!! so cute.

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    game server hosting

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    Yup... I run a hosting business. It's not a big public monster like the big dogs, 1and1, etc - I just scope out clients here and there and host them with value added services.

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    Yup, we do webhosting, then started reselling dedicated servers, then moved to opening up our own small datacenter in Dallas.
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    I use a server to host my shareware download sites and a personal IRC server. The other machine I do custom web development and host the sites for my clients. Not so much the traditional pure web hosting but a full turn-key solution.

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    We do webhosting, but the rest of our boxes are for IRC and such

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    I'm an IT consultant (companies under 100 enployees, mostly) and am moving personal hosting and a vB forum out of my house to a colo facility.

    Working on a web-based application that'll need rock solid hosting, so I figure now's the time. If I set things up right to automate a lot of the drudgery, it seems like selling hosting should be a profitable sideline as well...

    Ask me in a couple of months.

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    Yes but I only cater to the lucrative local hosting market
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    Pretty much everyone as part of this community is into hosting of some kind (mind you that is of course a general statement but nearly all of us are though).

    Many of us run webhosting companies of course as well as some offer other services also.

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    Actually it is usually the webhosts that makes up most of the posts, but I am sure end of the day, there has been as many if not more people who aren't a webhost.

    We do webhosting, but that's not the only thing we do.
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    I build servers.

    WHT is a great place to hear about anything hosting related.
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    I run a web hosting company on my dedicated server, only starting up at the moment and looking for customers.


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    I only host my own company on around 10 servers across the globe. We create, own and operate various large scale websites for various markets.

    I come here just to share some of my wisdom and hope to gain some in the process

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    I used to run a host but I sold it and I am just about to start up another webhost.
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