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    Can anyone tell me anything about this host, They have some very good plans and the prices are suprisingly cheap. Has anyone had any past experience with this company, is it any good or is it just a fake promise site. I would love to hear your thought on this, thanks alot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnet website
    We will awnser any problems you may have ASAP!
    I have no idea about them but I do know there is a typo on their support page. Hmm. Maybe they cannot be bothered to check the site so what about your website when you need support?

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    I remember this one.

    He doesn't seem to know anything about the internet, or hosting in general.

    Once upon a time, i saw somebody mention his site. So, i did a google search and i found that he posted a link to a crack that was hosted on that same domain.

    Not only that, he didn't post an http link. He posted an ftp link with his username and password for controlling that very website completely visible.

    To me, that screams "I don't know what i'm doing".

    I'd stay away from him if i were you.


    by the way...

    Unlimited Space
    Unlimited BW
    POP3 Email
    PHP, MySQL
    99% Uptime
    24/7 Support
    I don't trust anyone who offers unlimited space / bandwidth.
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