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    Mark, a few questions:

    - What is your budget?
    - What campaign scale are you looking for?
    - What is your preferred target market?

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    Is your company represented?

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    What is my budget? I guess that depends on my other marketing company, Centae Enterprises, run by Kyle Rosenbaum (aka The Pioneer). I put him in charge and paid him 3 weeks ago, but site is down, I've called and left him a message over 10 times with no response, emailed him using 3 of his different email addresses, no response at all. So now I'm in a bind and I don't know what do to.

    My point is, if he ever gets around to calling me and running with this, my budget will only be $50/mo. for another company. But if he just continues to blow me off, then I'll go with another company exclusively and be willing to pay $75/mo. Oh, and his PM suddenly doesn't work, so I guess it's suffice to say either he's robbing me or he's incoherent.

    My target market is telecom, voice, data, merchant processing leads by end users (medium, large size businesses and large voice carriers, project consulting). So I guess a wide range of services.

    I'm open to different campaign/marketing strategies as well.
    Mark Seemueller, CEO
    Telecom & Financial Consultants

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