Only until May 15 Citel Networks is providing a super deal on server security! For only $49 you will get the following deal:

- Kernel upgrade
- Let compiler and fetch utilities be accesible by root only
- Fix up folder permissions properly
- Install and configure logwatch to send strict daily reports
- Fix up host.conf and perform sysctl hardening for basic protection
- Fix up /dev/shm, /tmp, /var/tmp to help prevent malicious scripts from being ran
- Setup chkrootkit for rootkit checkup's every night
- Setup rkhunter for rootkit checkup's every night
- Setup time synchronization software
- Setup a packet filtering firewall (ipf for FreeBSD, iptables/apf for Linux)
- Secure your PHP installation with disabling some functions
- Setup BFD to automatically firewall out users bruteforcing your box
- Setup PRM to kill abusive processes
- Update your control panel and its appropriate software
- Shutdown of useless services
- Harden your SSH and any other server daemons
- Removal of users and groups not required
- Removal of RPMS not required
- Installation of Samhain to report possible system tamperings
- Install mod_dosevasive to help handle DDoS pointed towards Apache
- Install mod_security to help prevent attacks towards Apache
- Setup SpamAssassin and ClamAV on your mailservers to filter out virii and spam

This deal is for both FreeBSD and Linux servers and is only available until May 15th. Like said above, this only costs $49. We accept PayPal at the moment only as we are in the process of setting up our credit card processor.

If interested you can contact us by e-mail at [email protected]