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    Newbie need some help

    hey guys.

    i wonder if some one or some of you can help me out.

    i just bout a reseller package - seems good

    Im using cpanel and WHM

    i can create accounts but cant seem to find their files/get a subdomain working for them, so i was wondering if some one could kind point me in the direction, is there away to automate all that, like full scripts - username craetion/validation checks sub domain, lso id like to use a index page for new customers until the load up one so that it doesnt do a directory listing, paying through paypal, then creating the account and allowing login

    oh and is their as a reseller a separate Httpd.conf file for apache that i get or is it just a server thing i wont have access to?

    really need help from ground up - this is alot harder than just configuring a linux server, i feel so lost, managed to get apache, qmail and spa filters on within a few days etc as a test server in my bed room. thought id buy a reseller account - cheaper than the subscriptions for cpanel and WHM per month.

    Please help.


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    I've had that problem before and I contacted the server admin and they fixed it, HTTPD problem I think. - Cheap cPanel Virtual Hosting: Fantastico and more. LIVE HELP!
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    Feel like a total looser - didnt configure the dns for the domain properly.

    What a looser

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    Don't feel like a looser, much worse has happened to much better
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