I'm looking for someone to help me
  • Install Scripts (MovableType, vB, Coopermine, WordPress, etc.)
  • Upgrade Scripts (ex. upgrade vB 3.03 to vB 3.07, PhotoPost, etc.)
  • Upload Skins (for vB, IB, mambo, xoops, movabletype, wordpress)
  • Move Scripts from one server to another
  • Convert InvisionBoard to vB (and other similar task)
  • minor modifications and tasks.

I have installed few hundred scripts myself (Xoops, Mambo, phpBB, InvisionBoard, Coppermine, seblipper, IndexU, PhotoPost, minibb, punbb, directory scripts, etc.) but just don't have the time to install, upgrade, fix minor patches.

Looking for someone who can help me with installations and help me with minor tasks.

This job probably entails about 100++ installations/upgrades/etc.

Again. you need to be "trustworthy" and "reliable". Not looking for someone who would charge me $15/$20 to install a script. I can install all scripts myself just that I don't have the time.

Please PM me or contact me via:

Emai: [email protected]
MSN Messenger: [email protected]
Yahoo IM: [email protected]

Ideally.. this project is suitable for people with some experience and are really movitaved to learn and earn some steady money.

This post is posted at various forums and looking for the best candidate based on "price and "trustworthy/reliabilty". So please email me with your best quote!