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    The Real Host

    Hi, i've never had paid hosting before, but i'm now considering it for my game kingdoms of battle.

    I'm wondering if anyone has ever been hosted by The real host? Because they seem to have some very good, cheap packages, so i'm wondering if the uptime is bad, or if t he servers are slow or something.


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    Do you mean (.com)?

    If so, I have had a great experience with them. Search around for one of my reviews on them.


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    No, it's

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    What kind of website do you need hosting for?
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    it's for my game:

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    On the right side top part of your website, it says:

    The round is indefinitely suspended. I'm sorry for this, but there is something wrong on the server side.

    Is that a script error or something?
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    No, my game's not working now, and that's part of the reason i'm looking for better hosting, because cron jobs aren't working on my current hosting, and my game relies on them.

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    Cronjobs should run without a problem in every LINUX server.

    Please contact your current hosting provider asking them about this.

    I don't think any web host will disable cronjobs, for any reasons.
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    I have, but it's only free hosting, and i can't really do anything about it. What's happening, is cron jobs are running, however they aren't able to execute mysql commands in my php scripts. It just gives me mysql errors, however when i execute the files manually, they work fine.

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    I know they offer both free and paid hosting - so I wouldn't put them up there as a long term solution if they continue to give away free websites. That has never made smart business sense.

    In fact, if you check out their website their admin is begging users to click their ads to stay in business. And apparently Google dropped them....i'm guessing for enticing such clicks. Personally i'd look elsewhere because it doesn't look like they have a sustainable money making product......

    The idea being, you never really want to move from the host you choose since changing hosting providers can be a real headache.
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    Thanks I'm probably going to have to leave my free host now though, because i've been without crons for almost 2 weeks, and i've probably lost most of my 164 members

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