I'm looking for advertisers on hosthelpers.net. Right now we are bringing in 400+ unique visitors everyday and are quickly expanding. Currently we'd like to only advertise 468x60 banners and they would be advertised at the very top of the page before our logo. You will get a login area that is run by phpAdsNew so that you can get stats on your ads.

Here are our plans:

1) 1000 impressions for $2
2) 5000 impressions for $7
3) 10000 impressions for $15

Sign up for plan 2 or 3 and get 2000 impressions FREE. Payments will be made by paypal. Any questions or comments please PM me, e-mail me or leave a message here.

Stats here: http://hosthelpers.net/aprilstats2005HH.JPG