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    Question What software firewall do you suggest for W2003 server ?

    We used BlackICE so far, but I'm wonder if there is some better solution especialy against dDos attacks. Can you suggest something ? Especially if your suggestion is based on your experiences. I wonder if there is something that can be managed via Web interface.

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    Against DDOS attacks it is very difficult /almost impossible to defend at the server level. I would recommend a hardware firewall for that.

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    Even a hardware firewall wont mitigate against a DDOS - once the DDOS packets have left the switch and are heading towards your server, that's your bandwidth gone, period. You need a way of mitigating the effects of DDOS further upstream. Both TP and EV1 (to name but two) have methods in place to achieve this.

    Here, this may help.

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