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    Registrar WHOIS refresher needed

    Guys, is the registrar required to show complete full WHOIS info,
    showing who is the registrant, the contacts, etc.?

    I ask this because there's one registrar, yesnic, that's just not
    showing the full WHOIS info of a domain that supposedly sent
    spam to someone. I'm trying to help that someone possibly track
    down the registrant.

    The alleged spamming domain, btw, is DOUBTNAHKG.COM.


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    Yes they are required to provide the registrant information for the domain name. It seems they are just providing VERY basic info such as reg, expiredate, status and nameservers.
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    That's what I also thought. I'm also thinking of reporting this to
    ICANN in the hopes of "forcing" yesnic to reveal the whole info to
    hopefully make tracking down the registrant a little easier.

    Of course, it's futile if the registrant and contact info is fake. On
    the other hand, if that's the case, time to use the WHOIS report

    Thanks, dmaven! BTW, stupid me, I finally found some answers
    regarding my previous new ventures thread via yahoo (Google
    dependent, I guess. Is there a Googleholics Anonymous around
    here? )

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