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    Does anyone have any experience with their management services? They're offering some pretty damn good deals.

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    Yes we have, our company was established in 2002 under a different business name for which was discussed in several posts months ago. Since 2002, has installed and managed a fleet of Linux servers for us. This meant building, securing and maintaining. We have a team of tech support staff, but at times an additional resource is very handy.

    We have multiple Windows and Linux servers and for every new LINUX machine we build, we always call upon to harden the security and ensure it is very well maintained.

    Since then, partners with our company and assists in managing our Linux servers while we specialise in Windows 2003 administration/support. They are very quick and responsive and we call upon their service in times of emergencies or when our in-house Level 3 tech support is tied up on our Windows Servers.

    Highly recommended and you can't go wrong.


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    We have all of our linux servers under the services of and we are happy to say that, from that moment (more than 6 months), we hadn't any more problem on the servers. No down, no tech problem, about 1~2 ticket/day from our customers, instead of the lot of ticket before.
    They even gave us a monitor system and all the server are now monitored from an external server of our networks.
    They are very fast to answer to our request and solve all the problem, update, security check, and so on.

    I suggest to use their system because you will not have any more problem on the server

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    Thumbs up for server management service. Just signup for their service to manage my server. They almost reply my email instantly. And setup took <2hrs to complete setup. Good job
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    Thank you for the kind words Sam :-)
    Specially 4 You
    JoneSolutions.Com ( Jones.Solutions ) is on the net 24/7 providing stable and reliable web hosting solutions and services since 2001

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    I just show this topic and I also wanted to add my little note because quality is hard to find and is indeed GREAT.

    Server security excellent none of our servers secured by Jones has ever been compromised.
    Server Optimization excellent All services run smoothly and no trouble ever appear.
    Support response time excellent

    I could say many more but I think the point is given

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    1 year with Jonesolutions now,

    I think they are amazing... Bryan is sometimes a bit short... other then that it is an amazing company, worth the money in gold ($180 a month) and amazing support!

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