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    How to earn with this "adult" site?

    Hello to you all !

    This is the site I am working on for now, <<< URL Removed. >>>
    Soon I will begin promoting this site (not here, if you were scared :p)

    Google adsense is not a option because off the "adult" content.
    Any other ideas to earn a little bit with this site?

    Thx in advance!
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    Hmm, not word of mouth for sure. but there is so much competition out there. - Cheap cPanel Virtual Hosting: Fantastico and more. LIVE HELP!
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    thats pretty hard to advertise for that industry. I might would try giving out high quality desktop pictures with your url at the bottom. You can have people come to your site to get these free desktop pictures and you can have links for signing up as well.

    This would be just one of the many ways you could advertise your services.
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    Hmmmm...i would recommend trying to find something like an adult site web ring or top sites page and submitting there, which would bring in a lot of traffic

    But if you are talking about actually making money then you could try to get other adult sites to advertise on your site maybe?

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    I would probably go for adult magazines, produce free videos or pictures with URL's on and submit them everywhere....

    Work with SEO, join adult forums, topsites, webrings, promote everywhere possible.

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    I would try P2P applications like KaZzA (just kidding).

    In reality, there isn't too much legally you can do to advertise (unless it's clean, which in this case, it probably wouldn't be). You can try to get into contact with other sites and get ad banners made up and posted on high-traffic sites related to what your adult site is about.

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    Try checking out the forum that is highlighted on the following page:

    I hear it's a pretty great resource for people interested in that kinda industry.

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    Rofl dude, that is the best mikey.

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    try targetpoint ads. they place ads like adsense.

    I tried them on a non-adult site but i know they allow placement of adult ads on adult websites.

    google definitley gives more money per click... and I havent gotten a payment yet so I cant guarrantee it.. (they are an israeli company)

    and i think a good idea if u own both the .net and the .com is to put ur content on the .net, market it, and then park the .com at sedo.. people might be curious to check out the .com

    i don't know how much does this trick work but i will try it soon
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    Thx for the info dudes.
    Targetpoint and the forum looks really good thx.

    And about my site it is not a porno site, it is a site with Celebrities, 1.4GB off pictures

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