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    narrowing it down to a few now

    I checked with ipower and they have a nice price but only one ip, so that is no good. THey say they are working on this.
    Then I looked at but they do not have the windows plesk control panel built in, so I would have to buy/install it (i think unix is built in, not sure) so that is really no good.

    so then now I am looking at, seems like a nice price for the windows server - 119 per month.

    I guess i would like everthing I have in my shared reseller which is really tops-(webintellects) to be in my dedicated server. firewall, virus, control panel, ticketingsystem etc but with the root access, as I need to install shopsite ecommerce system.

    I really wish I could stay with webintellects, their reseller is great!!! ticketing system is top notch, they respond in minutes and at even at 3:00 am!! We will see.

    webintellects has this dedicated server that has all, but around 250 and maybe too much for me right now. I would like to pay 100 dollars less.

    Does anybody know of a shared reseller that offers shopsite as the ecommerce solution?

    I will keep you updated


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    Good luck to you in your search. I would also recommend you take a look at HostCentric, AIT, and ServerPronto if you're looking for a dedicated server under $90 per month. Board Hosting Directory
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    So you need a Windows dedicated server with Plesk for aorund $120?
    If your looking for a resller with shopsite then you might want to ask that in the Reseller Hosting forum iam unaware of anyone who has that software included.

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    I have experienced a lot of problems with hostcentric. I would not suggest them to anyone. They do address problems quickly, but they have a huge amount of downtime. My site has been down atleast 8 hours a week for the last 2 months.

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    when you say your site has been down at least 8 hours per week, what type of hosting are you referring to? shared hosting? dedicated hosting (managed, self-managed?)?... they recently sold their shared hosting services to another company

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