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    Current HostingZoom Clients

    For any current HostingZoom clients.. I'm curious as to how responsive their end user support is. What kind of quality have you personally seen? Also, are the response times and content appropriate?

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    Im not sure about them but there lots on hostingzoom around the forums, maybe take a look at

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    Why dont i do this, I will give you a free account on my reseller with HZ, and you can test them out. Then you tell me how fast they are, because I dont know about that. But I definitely know they are pretty fast in answer my technical support question for resellers at their site. =) Just an idea ... =)

    I hope I dont get a ticket for this. I am not selling anything here.


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    So far they've been great. Answered within 1/2 hr - 1 hr, at earliest 15 mins. I never really had any major problems for them to deal and personally find their response adequate. I've been with them for 6 months now at a 100% uptime and have been a VERY happy customer.
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