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    Rack911 seeks sales guy

    Rack911 is looking for an additional sales guy. Please note if you do not follow a strict guideline you will be ignored.

    You need to be FLUENT in the following areas:

    -Linux (freebsd is a definate plus)
    -Control panels (cpanel, directadmin, plesk namely)
    -Apache, PHP, MySQL, various other services and know what basic errors messages mean. (this is so you are not clueless replying)

    You need to have excellent english skills in both spelling and grammer.

    These details are needed. Every detail listed is needed.
    -Full Name
    -Times you can work
    -Wht username
    -Pay rate

    Email to [email protected]

    We will not tolerate posts asking questions, pms asking questions, etc. If you contact us for a status report you will be trashed.

    Also note you are not the only one working this position.
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    Okay, this is the second time I've cleaned this thread up. Please keep in mind that the forum guidelines apply to this thread as well as any other advertising thread. If you take the thread off course, you will get your hands smacked for it.

    Rack911 is looking for employees. There is no room to debate or argue any point in his thread. If you are not interested in this job, simply move on.

    We return you back to your normal job perusal. Good luck, TLG.

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