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    Selling PHPProBid License

    I currently have an extra phpprobid license that I'm looking to sell since I won't have time to work with it any time soon and need money.

    I'm looking to sell for $150, PayPal only. They go for about $210 USD.

    You can find out more about phpprobid here.

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    did you get permission to sell first, this from their site...

    This license is non transferable, you may not re-sell this product or any of the code included in any way. You must not lease, rent, re-distribute the product to any party without the developers prior written consent and approval. - short URL service

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    I've e-mailed the admin so I'll check it out. If I can't transfer it to someone else, then I'll just have to keep it for future use.

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    the admin e-mailed me back today and it's ok to sell the license, so the phpprobid is still up for sale.

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    still for sale.

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    I'm interested. I have a Paypal account. How about $125?


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