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    Smal Server for personal website and bnc.

    I found a nice offer:

    22 euro/mo

    pentium III 733 mhz
    256 mb ram
    10 gb hd
    222 gb/mo on 100mbit line

    Is this enough to serve my personal website? (phpnuke with about 3000 browsed pages at day)

    I'd like to load about 50 bnc too.
    I dont need great performances, just a decent server for my site and member's bncs.

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    That does sound like a good deal. I still think you could find better. Are you looking for something in Europe?
    I would want 40gigs storage, but from the sounds of what you are dealing with, it should handle the server load you are looking for.

    Anyone else have an opinion?

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    I'm european and the server would be located in germany, that is good for my ping and bncs question. 10 gb is enought to me, I just need to serve my website.
    My doubt is about bncs. I know they can use lot of cpu and memory, so how many bcn users or proceses could I load on such configuration?

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    just wondering, which company offers this?

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    That machine would be just fine for what you are wanting to do.
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    Originally posted by voidhosting
    just wondering, which company offers this?

    I had a gameserver with them time ago. Support is nice and lines too.

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