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    * Need some advice or feedback please

    Hello everyone

    It is my first post please forgive me if I have placed this in the wrong sub-forum section.

    Anyways, I am looking for a new host for our website. We currently are having some issues with our host and the site doesn't function for like half the day. It is a big downer.

    Here are some specs we are looking for:

    At least 10-15 GB space
    100 GB transfer/month
    PHP/MySQL ready (possibly even Java Servlets)
    At least 3+ databases (unlimited would be nice )
    Preferably UNIX (currently on Windows and it is PAINFUL)

    Perhaps an ecommerce solution addon (oscommerce or similar) as well.

    Streaming Media (rm, wmp) would be a plus, but not absolutely necessary.

    We are also using a messageboard (vBulletin Version 3.0.3) and Gallery and the site is in PHP with some flash components/menus.

    Would I need a dedicated server host for all this?

    Please provide any recommendations or advice and admins feel free to move this thread to the proper place if it is in the wrong place.

    Thanks in advance.


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    1st of all welcome to the forums, this is a great place to find and research web hosts and iam sure you'll find some useful info around here!
    back to your questions for those requirements, especially if your vB forum is active, have many mysql queries etc as well as your bandwidth needs, I would recommend a VPS a high end one with 256 MB guaranteed Ram at least, iam not sure you'll find a VPS on Unix, most of the VPS providers offer them on one of the Linux flavors. almost all of them offer you scripts such as oscommerce.

    You might want to check out the VPS offers section here
    I would personally recommend for a vps solution.

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    How much are you willing to spend?

    You can take a look at LiquidWeb VPS solutions, or folow Dactyl advice and look in the VPS offers Section.
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    What kind of website is it?
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    You could conceivably do this on a large shared hosting account, but for what you'd pay for a decent shared plan, you could have VPS and get control of your server. Then, if you want to install a streaming media server on your VPS you could. I'm not sure if there is a wmp server for Linux though.

    I also think you could do with a 128 MB VPS if it is burstable. You don't necessarily need a larger VPS in my opinion.
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    Hello all

    Thank you for your replies. The maximum cost shouldn't be more than $350 / year

    Excuse my ignorance, what is VPS?

    The website is sort of an online youth group where we have a forum/messageboard (most popular part), online reading material (articles) relevant to youth issues, audio downloads (only 10-20 mp3's so far, looking to expand), video downloads (just 6 right now, looking to expand these as well).

    We are receiving extraordinary amounts of time-out sessions when users are trying to access the forum, so we would like to switch sometime soon (month or two)

    Thanks again


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    VPS= Virtual Private Server, making it simple its like a reseller account but with root access, for more detailed info check out this page on Powervps which explains it:
    You can always do a search as well

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    With a budget of $29.17/month you should have no trouble finding a VPS that will suit your needs. I would wander on over to the VPS advertising section on here and have a look around. There is almost always a host who has VPS offers posted which will help you in finding one at a reasonable price. Couple things though to remember: You get what you pay for nearly always applies so be careful how low end you go, always check up on host's reviews on here and in google search as well, and always send pre-sales requests to see what kind of responsiveness they have (mind you this tells nothing of their support but it will leave you know you have at least somebody on the other end of things).

    Good luck in your hunting GF.

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    How many users do you have currently? How many posts so far?

    Knowing this will help me guess the resources your board is requiring. As an example, I've got a vB board with 1.5 million posts right now and 4-500 people online at any time, and we've about maxed the abilities of a dual-P3 (933MHz) server with a half-gig of ram. Not maxed as in "things run slowly" or "things crash frequently" (only when we lost power), but maxed as in "we can't do a backup while the board is active without interrupting the board, so it isn't as maintainable as it should be."

    If you're thinking that big, then you should probably consider a dedicated or colo solution.

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    For the needs that you have I would recommendthat you either get a high end reseller plan which is more managed than most VPS plans or you go with a dedicated server. I would also recommend that if you are not familiar with dedicatedservers of also going for a server management company's services as well. It is ussually a great option for people not too familiar with servers and/or do not have the time.

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    Thank you folks for the replies. I find them very informative and useful.

    So far we have 18,960 posts and 853 members, however not all are active. Most users ever online at once was 248. This doesn't seem right though, the most I've ever seen online is around 15-20. I don't think it is nearly as big as yours dzeanah nor do we expect that much traffic.

    kpsservices: what do you mean by "more managed"? Can you please clarify. Thanks!


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    what i mean is that with a VPS Server most companiesdo not manage the servers you have as well as a reseller plan and you must rely on your own server management skills. They treat them as dedicated servers unmanaged. Reseller plans they are way more managed and helpful with. I would check the link of the posters that recommend vps and reseller and dedicated and read all and ask a lot of questions. If you need any help let me or others her know.

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    Hello again.

    Is there any thread with these plans in one database with comparison chart?

    I have found this great link for a thread with under $50 VPS providers being compared in an excel sheet:

    Do yall know of any others like the above thread? Please let me know.


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