Last year, I started building the website which was to be a site for creating short URL's. The site was being designed to require users register and login and then they could create and track all of their short URL's.

You can see that there is a generic HTML layout. You are able to register and log into your account, although you just get a 404 error because there is no content for the site.

The short URL generation was to be based on a short URL script I sell (see my signature). This was never finished.

I will accept a PayPal payment of $40, for which you will get:

- All existing PHP/HTML, which you can see.
- Any graphics.
- PHP code to create accounts.
- PHP code to login to account.
- SQL database layout information.
- A copy of my URL Redirection System, which can be modified to be used with a registration system, BUT YOU MUST DO THIS YOURSELF!

I will accept $40, or the best offer. Payment through PayPal only. The domain name is registered at eNom (free push to you).

The revenue for this site would be from advertising. You could also create free and paid accounts, giving paid accounts more short URL's, better tracking, etc.

Before you decide to buy this, please understand you are buying an unfinished website that, in it's current state, does very little. I am not offering to finish the site or do any other programming or support for it. Finishing the site is totally the buyer's responsibility.