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    I am interested in selling It is a custom and exclusive script to the site. The site enables users to search 4 major search engines on 1 page. The front page, is very simple and straight to the point, it randomizes between 7 .css also, so new look everytime you go on. The site is relatively new, revenue can be earned by enabling ads to show in the top frame of search results, try it out to see what I mean.

    I open very open to offers, but hopefully looking for bids starting at $120 and a BIN of $250.

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    Looks exactly like my former site (now owned by another individual).
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    Sale Ended. Thanks.
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    Hi, I have recently done some investigation. Not only is this just an "inspired" website, it is a direct RIP.

    The code is stolen, and everything is basically copied over. I know this because you are using the exact same variable, and exactly the same coding syntax as

    The new owner has been notified, and further action will be persued by him, as I am no longer the owner of the website.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Erm, I didn't sell the site. Decided to keep it.
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    Originally posted by Host Registry
    Erm, I didn't sell the site. Decided to keep it.
    Heh, not sure if that redeems you of stealing...
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    Arghhf, fine... I used as inspiration and a building block. Wait till I improve upon it. It's not like I actually STOLE the code.
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    lol how hard is it to come up with iframes or frames to do that?

    it isnt like the script uses the SEs api to populate the search results.

    I wouldnt consider it stealing exactly.

    not much the current owner of can do unless the design was taken, which it wasnt. as it stands anyways has no design so i wouldnt even imagine that someone would buy it for the price that host registry is asking for. :-)

    I would suggest improving the design and possible include other options as well for more advanced search capabilities.

    I mean moreover i would say the idea for multisite search was even taken from another site that i am familiar with.

    just my 2 cents
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    Ripping off a site is just that and you guys saying "hey its ok" are retarded.
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    RenderStream and Host Registry, will you both please open a ticket at and furnish any relevant information. Please include a link to this thread, as well, in your initial ticket.

    Thread closed, pending investigation.
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