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    Just a heads up, and just asking for some general information. We received a suscriber to the platinum plan, the paypal address is
    [email protected] and he registered with our service with the email address [email protected]

    However, today I received a report from paypal as listed below...

    Dear Exceed Admin,

    It has come to our attention th
    Subject: PayPal Notification: Temporary Hold Pending Investigation

    Dear Exceed Admin,

    It has come to our attention that you may be the recipient of potentially
    unauthorized funds. We have initiated an investigation into this event. In
    the meantime, we have placed a temporary hold on the funds in question
    until the investigation is complete. This temporary hold will show as a
    deduction in your available balance. In the meantime, you are free to
    continue transacting using your PayPal account.

    Transaction Date: May 5, 2005 21:45:54 PDT

    Transaction Amount: $55.00 USD

    Payor's Email: [email protected]

    If you have not delivered the goods or services related to this
    transaction, we ask that you delay or stop delivery until our investigation
    is complete as you may be liable for the amount in question.

    To assist us in our investigation and to determine if you qualify for the
    Seller Protection Program, please send an email to
    [email protected] with the following information:

    1. The item, service or purpose of the purchase, and the associated value;
    2. The name and address given to you by the sender (if an item was
    3. If shipped, the company used for shipping, date of shipment, and
    tracking number for the shipment;
    4. Details of any other transactions related to the transaction(s) in
    5. A phone number where you can be reached during the day and evening; and
    6. Insurance information, if applicable.

    Any additional information you have regarding this transaction, such as
    email correspondence, will further help us to expedite our investigation.
    Solving these cases helps us continue to offer PayPal as a secure and
    cost-effective payment service. We appreciate your cooperation and

    PayPal Account Review Team
    How does this affect us? And are we liable in anyway for the clients scamming? I've never had this before, so looking for some information.

    Thanks in advance
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    You are not liable in anyway. It's just reffering to seller protection, in that case you qualify to keep the transaction money. For example, if you sent an item, and could not get it back you would probably qualify.

    These types of transactions are annoying Best of luck. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    Its not so cut and dry. If you don't give them a strong argument and proof of your delivery of service Paypal in their own discretion can choose to refund the money and in fact may decide to do so regardless of your answer.

    You are not covered by Seller protection (and Buyers aren't protected either) for Hosting. Hosting is an intangible and you can see the policy on that here

    IF the account was breached or the user falsified credit card or bank information then the money will not be released. another scenario is that a kid used their parents account. That can go either way.

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    We too face this same problem many times.

    The best thing for you to do right now, is SUSPEND the hosting account immediately and inform the customer that his/her paypal payment has been put under investigation.

    The customer should solve this problem, NOT you.

    Almost 99% of the times this problem occurs due to theft from a PayPal account (your customer paying from someone else's paypal account without the owner knowing it)

    And PayPal does NOT listen to the seller at all, when it comes to web hosting.

    We have NEVER received the money at all in these kind of orders and PayPal refunded it back to the paypal account owner.

    So there is NO point accepting this order.

    Contact your customer.
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    I have several example of this nature, what paypal will do is, transfer funds to buyer's account, so you get only some loss.
    Even if you suspect this type of payment and inform paypal they don't do much.

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    Thank You CC-Ricardo
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    I got so tired of this happening ... I disabled auto account creation feature and phone verify every order - if the person on the other end doesnt match the information on the order, I immediately refund the paypal funds.
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