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    Problem here with Canaca

    hey all, just found your board and thought I would ask a question if I may.

    Last year I subscribed to Canaca for webhosting, everything was fine and dandy, until this year. I did not want to renew with them, moneys a little tight, so I didn't say or write in that I had wanted a renewal. Well, guess what, they renewed my service. So I email-ed them, this is what I get back:

    "All hosting accounts are auto-renewed as indicated in our contract
    which you are required to read before signing up.By
    signing up with us, confirming your order and using our service you agree with
    those terms and authorise your consent. It indicates that we will automaticaly
    renew your term when the current term is up.If you have cancelled your account
    or requested that we did not place any charges on the card number please
    provide the ticket number and we can offer a full return. If you did not follow
    our cancellation terms we cannot offer any refund and you account will be
    closed on its next renewal date ,we also require the last 4 digits of your
    credit card number on file for conformation purposes"

    I was a little angry by this, because I had gotten about 4 emails leading up to the cancellation date saying that my service was going to be deactivated. Also, I read the contract, I don't see anything about what he says. Any ideas anyone? Thanks for any help and sorry for the long message.

    P.S. I am not too happy.

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    hmm...this one sounds a bit tricky.....I would suggest reading over your contract again a few more times and looking specifically at the billing part. If there is in fact nothing about that, I would call them up and get a LIVE person on the phone. Tell them your predicament, and see if they can help you. if not, I'd file a complaint with the BBB and see if they can help you out. - for sale!

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    It is not uncommon for billing TOS to specify that you are automatically renewed in billing.

    I don't have any feelings one way or the other about Canaca (I've heard their service isn't very good) but make sure you read TOS before you click "I Agree" and then later flame a company for a contract you agreed to.
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    Canaca has been known to for their unscrupulous / unethical business practices. I work with a former employee of Canaca at my present company and he's told me tonnes of stories. Apparently, they're all about lies and deception. As long as they have your money, they could care less. It's basically extortion on their part to get your money, at all costs.

    Their 24/7 emergency support #, they never answer...It would ring for hours, and they were told by the two owners of the operation to ignore that telephone. Sales telephone on the other hand is answered regularly.

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    Technically, they're likely correct... HOWEVER, if a customer of ours gets billed and then asks to cancel, there's absolutely no questioning a full refund.

    If you don't mind me asking, when did the service auto-renew and when did you contact them about cancelling?

    "I was a little angry by this, because I had gotten about 4 emails leading up to the cancellation date saying that my service was going to be deactivated."

    Did you not send these over to Canaca? If these emails did happen to say stuff like cancellation and deactivation, then I'm somewhat lost as to why your account was renewed!?

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    This is really a not a professional practice I guess. You can try and look in the contract clauses over again and then you can also look for help from BBB or simply ask a charge back for the transaction to your credit card company.

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    Did you request that they refund you and cancel your services although they are saying that you must have canceled before your next due date? The best thing that you can do at this point is to warn them that you will be filing a chargeback, and hope that the warning will do some good. I don't think they would want to be stuck with a $20-30 fee plus having to refund your money, so it's likely for them to refund it. But before you do that, try to work with them as much as you can to get your money back without any threats, and see what happens.
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    Letís clarify a few things:

    The cancellation request that you were receiving is for the Domain Registration part. We do not auto renew domain names, because they are register through a third party.

    In regards to the hosting, our contract clearly states the following.

    - Cancellations
    Cancellations can be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]. Please make sure keep the ticket ID that is sent to you in the auto responder for future reference.

    If you do not wish to renew your account please cancel the account before the renewal date. The 30 day money back guarantee only applies for the first 30 days of service not the first 30 days of the renewal date.

    Now in regards to our support:

    Canaca currently employees nearly 50 staff members. Out of these employees nearly 80% are dedicated for technical support. Every client is treated with the up most respect and courtesy, but this does not mean that we donít follow our own internal policies. Our contract is there for two reasons.

    1. Itís protects the client
    2. It protects Canaca

    Clients are made fully aware of what they are entering into and we are obligated to provide the service promised.
    We are also in the final stages of opening our call center in India and will be able to offer 24 Phone support by June or July. At the moment we offer 24 emergency call back support if we deem the issue an emergency. If the problem is not considered any emergency it would simply be sent to our regular support department. Any one here is welcomed to call the emergency line. It will give clear instructions on how to proceed.

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    I've read a couple of responses from your present support technicians via e-mail. Let's just say their English standard is poor at best. They may be technically proficient, but their grammar is horrible. You may want to take a look into that.

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    Why tell people to call 1-800-327-9181 when its only a message? why not just be up front with the instructions, seems very wierd, wasting the customers time making them call, and wasting your money having them call.

    I don't see a problem with auto-renewals? if you don't auto-renew you will just make another group of people mad

    no comment on outsourcing support.

    no comment on outsourcing support to india.

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    I honestly do have a major problem with outsourcing support to india. When are you people going to get it that we want to be able to understand the questions the techie is asking??? We don't want to be forced to go to Powells and buy Hindu for Dummies just so we can get our server rebooted!!! - for sale!

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    Originally posted by Atomic Haven
    We don't want to be forced to go to Powells and buy Hindu for Dummies just so we can get our server rebooted!!!
    What? If that's not racist, I don't know what is.

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