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    1 month review -

    ok, one month and 1 week

    I'm posting this short term review considering I haven't had too many good experiences so far and this one is been quite good.

    After the sign up and transfer process, so far I have no complaining about them, they've solved all inconvinients (which only have been details about activation of cpanel features), uptime have been really good, support also good, i mean, in general is a good experience, also my clients can tell because they tell me that they havent experienced any problems this last month, including myself, for the first time I haven't received support tickets hehe (I have few clientes but I likie to offer them good servicetho) and I hope to continue like this.

    my hosting site (for those who wan't to know domains that are hosted there).

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    I remember when you first reported signing up with them and I'm glad to hear you're satisfied.

    Thank you for writing the review and keep us updated.

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    I just checked their prices. I love them a lot.

    Considering im with varhosting right now and happy i wont move. But i wanna state that incognito looks nice on prices too.
    Good going guys.

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